Sock Monkey Fun!

“I Love My Sock Monkey”
Scarf Pattern

Sock Monkey Apron
Dress Pattern
Sock Monkey Fun!

Hand knitted Sock Monkey
hat and scarf pattern
Sock Monkey Fun!

Crochet Skirt for Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey Fun!

Super Easy Crochet Skirt for Sock Monkey/ Doll


  1. Worsted Weight Yarn
  2. Size F crochet hook
  3. Large hair elastic or small amount of 1/4 inch elastic tied in a loop

Round 1: Single crochet around elastic very densely approximately 40 stitches join with slip stitch. ***Note if you want a fuller skirt or if it is for a larger doll or monkey add more single crochet, you can have them very tightly spaced if you want a very full skirt***

Round 2: Chain 3, single crochet in 2 nd stitch from join, *Chain three, skip next stitch, single crochet in next stitch* repeat around. Chain 3, join with slip stitch to first single crochet.

Round 3: Chain 3, single crochet in chain 3, repeat around.

Round 4-13 repeat round 3. To finish chain one and slip stitch into next chain three space, fasten off. ***Note you can make the skirt longer or shorter by adding or subtracting rounds***

Sock Monkey Fun!

Sock Monkey Fun!

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Sock Monkey Fun!
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Sock Monkey Fun!

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