She is adjusting well to life here in Hollister. :o)



Do you like Indian curry?
I can make a super vindaloo for you.

Gender: Feminine
Usage: Indian

Means "little goddess" from Sanskrit devi "goddess" and ka "little".

  • Born February 2006
  • Sock type: New style Rockford red heel size large (21 inches)
  • Eyes: Black prism shiny button eyes with embroidered eyelashes and brows
  • Nose: Two slash nose with Beaded Nose Ring!
  • Mouth: Embroidered smile
  • Ears: Loop style ears
  • Tail: Flat long tail
  • Attire: Purple head scarf with gold embroidered edge, Gold beaded nose ring,
  • Red, Purple, Gold Sari style Indian dress, red ribbon on neck
  • Dress and head scarf removable- nose ring attached

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