Sock Monkey Fun!

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Claude here, just thought I'd show you my new guitar.
I have been practicing really hard to learn how to play it, so I can impress all the ladies. I picked it up on my trip
to Peru. Bye for now, Chew, baby

Send in your photos of this Sock Monkey.
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Hi! I was adopted and now my name is Claude.

I live with Frank and Vicky in Tigard Oregon.

It's great here.

Sock Monkey Fun!
  • Sock Monkey born August 2004
  • Sock type: New style Rockford red heel sock in size Large (21 inches)
  • Eyes: Black button eyes with embroidered eyelashes
  • Nose: Embroidered in black small two hole nose
  • Mouth: Embroidered in black~ full line
  • Ears: Quilted circular
  • Tail: Long stuffed tail
  • Attire: Sock cap with blue pompom and a hand knitted vest to match pompom.
  • Blue yarn bow around neck.
  • Both pieces removable

Sock Monkey Fun!

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Sock Monkey Fun!
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