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Bubba's Sock Drawer


This is my buddy, Bubba.


Bubba is a bit of a loner.
While always ready with a joke, he keeps most at arms length.


You will often find Bubba people watching.

While this photo may embarrass Bubba,
it does document on of his few relationships with another Simian.
You may notice that she is blind.

While his hand deformation has caused
him some emotional pain in the past,
Bubba uses those extra digits to
build and maintain his non-profit "Bubba's Outreach Project".


Here is just one of the many "outcasts" that Bubba has
helped in his quiet yet warm way.

Race, Age or Yarn type mean nothing to Bubba.
He gets along just fine with everyone...
he is even a bit of a ladies man.

His heroes are usually mythical and larger than life.
I think his trials in life have caused him to aim for the Moon.

My buddy Bubba is a great man, always ready to share.
Go and visit Bubba's website for more of his travels.


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